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Fussy pet, or a pet with special needs? Find specialist suppliers here.

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Holiday Aquatics
My Pet Friends
Offering quality brands at affordable prices for you Koi Pond, Tropical, Marine or Coldwater system. Brands include Hikari, Nighikoi, NT Labs, Tetra, Superfish and much more. http:www.holidayaquatics.com
Published: 17/01/2013 No rating Hits: 1052 (19 in 28 days) leave or read reviews (0)
Service for: Fish, indoor & tropical,
Dengie Koi Ltd
My Pet Friends
Dengie Koi is here for the Koi entuthiast to keep their koi in top condition. Our large shop, based in Mayland, Essex, stock foods and treatments from N.T Labs, Hikari, Yamato Nishiki, Tetra, Evolution Aqua, cloverleaf among other ranges.
Published: 24/09/2010 No rating Hits: 1802 (12 in 28 days) leave or read reviews (0)
Service for: Fish, outdoor,
Natural Pet Supplies
My Pet Friends
http://www.natural-pet-supplies.co.uk Natural Pet Supplies stock all your natural and organic pet foods for dogs and cats as well as the latest vitamins,supplements and Pet Shampoo for your pet.
Published: 05/07/2011 No rating Hits: 963 (12 in 28 days) leave or read reviews (0)
Service for: ,
Pet Vet Medical
My Pet Friends
Pet Vet Medical supply both prescription and non-prescription veterinary medications for horses, dogs, cats, small mammals and birds. For more information visit http://www.petvetmedical.co.uk
Published: 18/05/2012 No rating Hits: 760 (10 in 28 days) leave or read reviews (0)
Service for: Cat,
4 Little Paws
My Pet Friends
4 Little Paws specialises in natural toys and treats for little pets. We also stock a range of cuddley beds, tunnels, bowls and bottles, as well as gifts for you. Check out our website to find out more! http://www.4littlepaws.co.uk
Published: 18/10/2010 No rating Hits: 1957 (8 in 28 days) leave or read reviews (0)
Service for: Rabbit,
My Pet Friends
We Supply Various Discount Pet Supplies such as Food, Bedding, Toys, Treats for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fish, Small Animals, Bird and Reptile. Please Come and Visit our Pet Supplies Online.
Published: 24/01/2012 No rating Hits: 619 (8 in 28 days) leave or read reviews (0)
Service for: Dog,
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